aerial view of multi-family units that could be used in a 1031 exchange

1031 Exchange Rules: Build Tax-Free Wealth

1031 Exchange Rules: Build Tax-Free Wealth   We recently provided an overview of tax reduction strategies for commercial real estate investors. The 1031 exchange was briefly covered; however, its importance to the world of commercial investing deserves a closer look. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective strategies for reducing capital gains tax liability.      A 1031 exchange...

Doing a cost segregation study

Cost Segregation & Commercial Real Estate

Cost Segregation & Commercial Real Estate   Real estate has been a standard investment vehicle for many of the wealthiest individuals in history. This is due, in part, to the extensive tax benefits that owning real estate affords investors.  Depreciation is one of the primary means to obtain these tax benefits. Savvy investors know that the depreciation allowed on a commercial property can...

figuring out tax reduction strategies with calculator and p&l books

Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax Reduction Strategies for Investors   Real estate is a lucrative investment. But without a strategy for tax reduction, the taxes on these properties can often blindside the unprepared investor. The IRS taxes real estate investments in primarily two ways - income from cash-flowing properties and capital gains from the sale of a real estate asset. While there are other taxes based upon unique...

man at computer looking at numbers, concerned about a commercial property foreclosure

Commercial Property Foreclosures

Unexpected Financial Stress - Is a Commercial Property Foreclosure Your Only Option?   In this post-COVID world, the uncertainties of the pandemic have brought challenges to even the most solid businesses. Property owners may suddenly find themselves straining to pay the mortgage on their commercial property. With a payment that may seem insurmountable, some might simply consider conceding to...

example of inside industrial properties in colorado springs

5 Considerations for Industrial Properties in Colorado Springs

5 Considerations When Purchasing Industrial Properties in Colorado Springs   The purchase of a commercial property for a business can be an exciting and profitable acquisition if handled correctly. However, finding the right industrial properties in Colorado Springs requires more knowledge than simply what listings are available.  A hasty property purchase can be just as detrimental to a...

picture of spreadsheet and calculator - property analyzation by commercial real estate broker

Commercial Real Estate Broker Analysis

5 Steps for Property Analysis from a Commercial Real Estate Broker   Whether you are a first-time commercial real estate investor, representing an institution, or have personally built up a substantial commercial property portfolio, completing a commercial property analysis still remains a necessary step before any transaction. There are complex analyses that can be done on the property, the...

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A Case Study on Cap Rate Valuation

Is Cap Rate All I Need for Valuation? Capitalization rate is perhaps one of the most common valuation methods for commercial real estate. It is used to determine the rate of return on an investment property. The cap rate is calculated by dividing the property’s net operating income by the property’s market value, then multiplying the result by 100 to convert to a percentage.  While the cap rate is...

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How to Increase Your Rental Rates

Find Value in Existing Properties For industrial property owners, even the smallest increase in rental rates can make a vast difference in the profitability of the property when large spaces are being leased. Smart landlords take advantage of simple improvements that will help them obtain higher rental rates, reduce vacancies and lease properties faster.  We have seen the following cosmetic...

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